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Why You Shouldn’t Make Facebook Your Main Marketing Focus

not just facebookA lot of people always get upset when Facebook releases changes to their social platform or get their entire privacy settings changed. Thousands of blog posts go up stating how they’re upset and how their going to end up going to another social platform to rant for the most part.

If your entire business is on one social platform such as Facebook then that’s going to be a problem for your business –  and your social media marketing campaign.

If you look at any successful business, their social media marketing plan is not primarily focused on only one social outlet. Their entire engagement is on their website or their blog.

Ask yourself this: If Facebook were to change tomorrow would you make as much money as you are right now? Would your engagement level with your customers still be the same?

Your focus should be on creating a more solid and flexible social media marketing plan that’s not primarily focused on one social outlet. I run into so many businesses that get so upset when Facebook changes just one thing that it upsets me. What I recommend from the first day of creating your business is to sit down and create a comprehensive plan that can be changed at a moment’s notice and that leverages various social outlets that will help you engage more with your customers and entice them to go to your website.

One great example of a company that is doing some wonderful things with their social media marketing plan is LifeSource Water filters. They have created a different message for their social media channels and have created a solid brand around their company. They’ve also created a great Facebook community using pictures, statuses, and questions to their community. And you can too!

The Biggest Mistake You Could Make

A great example is when the state of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn passed a bill that stopped the partnership for affiliates with Amazon. That was the largest website that affiliate marketers used to offer products for their niche sites they owned. Some marketers went from making $10k per month to just under $2k per month because all of their business and attention was coming from one website. It took this group of affiliate marketers months to get back to the income level that they were once at. They had to adopt different business strategies so if this happens again, their businesses wouldn’t have a major drop in revenue.

If you’re not Mark Zuckerberg then stop having your entire social media marketing focus on Facebook. Don’t make your entire marketing plan around Facebook advertisements and your Facebook Fanpage at all.

Instead, use your blog to educate your customers to purchase your products and services. Use your email list to build a personal relationship with your customers so that they’re used to buying from your company through emails.

Use Twitter to answer any questions your customers might have about your product and services and to engage with them in a fast paced atmosphere. Try and come to the understanding that a good company is going to leverage every social outlet that they possibly can.

Think about this: If any social outlet was to go down tomorrow how much money would you lose? How long would it take you to get those same customers back? How many social outlets are you using right now to build personal relationships? And have you created a flexible and ever-changing social media marketing plan?

If your answers tend to be leaning onto just one or two social outlets then you should know that your focus needs to take a major shift. Don’t try and become a social media superstar. Become a business that is powerful and that builds personal relationships with people through various social outlets.

One Response to Why You Shouldn’t Make Facebook Your Main Marketing Focus

  • Right On!
    What a great blog post. I have run into this issue over and over with clients. Facebook is only one part and I understand why people want to focus on it because it has a lot of hype surrounding it. The problem is that people also migrate. Look at the success of Pinterest and hey what the heck is MySpace up to anyways?
    Thank for this post. I shall share it with the world, heck maybe even on facebook.

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