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Want to know the Secret of What Great Brands Do?

Want to know the secret to what great brands do differently, invest in their company’s differently and get amazing results for their shareholders differently? According to the author of the book What Great Brands Do, Denise Lee Yohn, the great brands do at least 7 things differently than the rest.

As part of the Post 2 Post book tour, I got to spend 15 minutes with Denise talking about her book, and learned some of the “secrets” these great brands share.

Can’t see the video above? Click here to watch What Great Brands Do – 15 minutes with Denise Lee Yohn.

One of the biggest secrets Denise shares is about investing in company culture and having the right people on the team, especially your customer facing team, trained to take care of their customers in the right way. A simple thing, but a hugely powerful thing. Think about it: If your front line team, the ones who spend the most time talking to your customers, are amazing brand ambassadors and live the values your company espouses, isn’t that a much more impactful way to invest your limited monies and other resources?

A little more about What Great Brands Do:

The 7 things great brands do are discussed in detail in the book. Here they are (and admittedly, some are counterintuitive until you learn about them):

Great brands start inside
Great brands avoid selling products
Great brands ignore trends
Great brands don’t chase customers
Great brands sweat the small stuff
Great brands commit and stay committed
Great brands never have to “give back”

To get your copy of the book, visit What Great Brands Do.

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Learn more about Denise Lee Yohn at or follow her on Twitter at @DeniseLeeYohn.

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