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Twitter Strategy Made Simple

I frequently get asked “What are some good resources for creating a good Twitter strategy. I honestly have never looked for one before, so I thought instead I’d share my strategy for days when I just want to broadcast on Twitter. These days are few and far between for me, but for an organization, I can see that you may want to do this more often. And if nothing else, it’s a good starting point.

NOTE: My strategy is a 10 Tweet per day strategy. Adjust as you wish for your flavor or if you want to tweet more. I wouldn’t recommend scheduling more than 20 per day as that’s TOO MUCH information for most to consume.

10 Twitter Points

First, I encourage you to use HootSuite. It’s a great tool, it’s available from any computer, and it’s super simple to use.

Now let’s schedule some tweets.

Tweets 1-5) Share some good links to articles. If you’ve written a recent article, 1 or 2 can be yours.

Tweet 6) Ask a question that’s in your field of expertise.

Tweet 7) Share an event or something about you/your organization.

Tweet 8) Share an idea about something in your space

Tweets 9-10) Share something your followers said. I’d use the (via @philgerb for this instead of a standard RT, because you don’t want to look like you’re really there.)

Of course, this doesn’t include responding to any questions, but these are things you can schedule once per 50 minutes to share information 10 times per day from 8-5.

And feel free to use/modify the 30 minute Twitter solution for yourself/your organization if you have very limited time.

For more in depth Twitter insights, I encourage you to pre-order my latest book #Twitterworks.

NOTE: This will NOT get you much, if any, response from your followers. If you’re looking to engage with people on Twitter, you cannot SCHEDULE engagement. This is simply a way to broadcast 10 pieces of information with your followers. I’d encourage you to use this in addition to scheduling time to engage with your followers.

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