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Stop being proud that you’re afraid of technology

official technophobeOne of the things some of the small business owners I work with have in common in a huge barrier to their success. And it’s not just that they’re afraid of technology – it’s that they’re PROUD of this fear. They wear it like a badge of honor, like it’s somehow acceptable to be afraid of technology. Would they say this if they were afraid of the telephone, or would they work their butt off to get over this fear?

Instead of being proud that you’re afraid of technology, get over it! You need technology to run your business, regardless of the business you’re in. Your customers expect it, your employees expect it, and the world expects it.

Here’s how to overcome the fear of technology, in just 3 easy steps:

1) Get a smart phone – and ask a teenager to teach you to use it – The best way to overcome your fear is to face it head on. A smart phone is no longer a luxury for entrepreneurs and small business owners – it’s a necessity. Whether it’s just you in your business or you have employees, most of your customers expect to be able to reach you for emergencies, and so do your employees if they need you. But they don’t always want to “interrupt” you – so they’ll text you, tweet you, e-mail you, or any other way. Make yourself easy to be reached – and respond when contacted.

2) Take a class Saturday morning at the local library, tech school or college – There are classes everywhere now that teach (for little or no monetary investment) all the latest skills. Take 1 class on something you know nothing about, and give it your full attention for the entire length of the class. Then take another one. And put it to immediate work in your business so you don’t lose what you learned.

3) Share your knowledge with someone else who is afraid of technology – One of the best ways to get over a fear is to help someone else get over it. Is there someone in your network who also is proudly afraid of technology? Help them get over it by sharing your steps, your tips, and your fears. It’ll help you both – and it’ll solidify your knowledge and help you find new ways of using the technology that you didn’t even know existed.

If you don’t get with the latest technology, you’re going to be obsolete soon, and then you won’t have a business. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. Pride comes before a fall – so get over your pride and get with the times now or fall behind forever.

Your turn: have you ever been afraid of technology? How have you overcome this fear?

2 Responses to Stop being proud that you’re afraid of technology

  • In all fairness, I don’t think it’s completely accurate to say they ate proud of the fear. I think they are more proud of the fact that they are “independent”, “unconventional” and so smart that they “don’t-need-a-fancy-gadget-that-doesn’t-really-work-anyway-or-at-least-they-don’t-really-know-how-to-use-it-and-they-don’t-care”. But that might be a generation thing. It’s not that long after all since the same people that can’t live with a cellphone now were vowing they would never use one. The pride is not on the fear, but on the lifestyle. Acting unconventional and above the “trend” is being cool I guess

    • I agree with Joel. I know individuals who perceive the internet, social media and technology as a status of the “working”. They do not choose to align themselves as “working”! I also have friends that live vicariously through their children’s social media. This may be unusual but I see it frequently. However, I also have other friends teaching FB in nursing homes.

      My industry is slow to adapt also. We still have members of associations that do not use social media and occasionally check their e-mail. This is an interesting dilemma for marketing however is significantly progressing over the last few years.

      Thanks for the article!

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