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Stop the Anonymous Hateraid!

One thing many small businesses I work with about is people, especially anonymous people, posting nasty stuff about them online. While you can’t really stop it, you can absolutely deal with it so it doesn’t impact all of your customers who love you.


Acknowledge, but don’t argue with, the negativity on the platform it was presented. Some say a “thank you” is the right way to go, some say “I’m sorry” is better. I say it depends on what’s being said, but you need to acknowledge it.

Offer several contact methods that you will respond to (on the platform used) –  in order to get the hater to contact you so you can fix the problem. You’ll show your other customers that you are willing to try, even for folks who are shy about sharing their information (or that are such jerkwads they just want to take a shot at your business).

Fix the problem – if you’re given the opportunity to fix the problem (and you often won’t be) FIX THE PROBLEM. Simple as that.

Thank them for the opportunity to resolve the issue (on the platform used) – if you are allowed to fix the problem and you do fix the problem, thank your customer for the opportunity to fix the problem.

Reach out one more time – If you’re not given the opportunity to fix the problem, give it one more try. Make this a week to 10 days after the problem was reported, just in case the person is there. Repeat your contact info and be available to fix.

Never mention the problem again (but continue to monitor the page each week) – You had the last word, so you’re done. But you still want to monitor the page, so look every 3-5 days to make sure nothing new has cropped up.

Want more tips for stopping the anonymous hateraid? They’ve got some great insights over at Business on Main that will help you deal with these anonymous haters from some very smart entrepreneurs. Definitely worth the read.

YOUR TURN: What’s the best way YOUR business has handled anonymous haters? Have you seen an even more effective way of dealing with these folks? Leave a suggestion in the comments for your chance to win 1 of 2 $50 Amazon gift cards. You have until April 27th, 2012 at 5 PM central. I’ll be announcing the winners the first week of May, along with the winners of the 2 other contests I’ve been neglecting to post. Sorry about that.

Disclaimer: My blog is a part of an online influencer network for Business on Main. I receive incentives to share my views on a monthly basis.

2 Responses to Stop the Anonymous Hateraid!

  • I mentioned that compassion is absolutely the way to deal with ‘haters’ in any public arena, whether it’s in social media or in your branding.

    I think all of your points have this principle underlying it, and I honestly feel that if you can’t see the perspective of the complainer/hater then you really aren’t trying hard enough.

    Maybe the hater is right, and maybe they’re wrong, but if you see their perspective you can either use their vocal opinion as a vocal building point or you can point out how you thought of their side before you made the focal point of their criticism part of your public image and why you believe that was a good idea.

    What I suppose was my real point of saying, “Compassion is always the way” is that cultivation and display of your awareness paired with genuine compassion is the new successful branding.

    • Thanks Dan! I love your suggestion, and I’ll be getting you an Amazon gift card soon. If you’re subscribed to comments, please reply and let me know what your best Amazon e-mail is. Otherwise I’ll be reaching out soon to get it.

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