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Social media expert Phil Gerbyshak works with organizations and their people to connect to their customers digitally. 

Make Friends First, Do Business Last: Relationship Selling Using Social Media and More

Is your business struggling to connect with the next generation? Wondering how you can do social media the right way, without pushing your products and services? Want your business and your employees to be top of mind when people are thinking of where to go for what you offer?

The key is making friends first, and doing business last. It’s no longer enough to just BE on social media as a business. You need to be using it effectively, and you need to engage your employees to tell your stories and show you as the place to go in your community.

Unleashing Your Networking Super Hero

Phil Gerbyshak – speaking video

A connected you – keynote address DeVry University – Phil Gerbyshak

More about Phil Gerbyshak

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“If you are looking for a speaker who brings energy, enthusiasm and direction to your group, look no further than Phil Gerbyshak. Phil will get your group on its feet with energy and looking forward to making it a great day!” ~ Sophie Klossner, retired Local Chapter Director, HDI (formerly Help Desk Institute)

Why Phil Gerbyshak makes it great, not goodmake it great guy

With a smile that lights up a room, Phil energizes audiences, giving them actionable information that they can use.

When you book Phil Gerbyshak to speak to your group, you get an energetic and enthusiastic presenter who immediately connects with your audience. How? He shows from the first sentence that he genuinely cares about them and understands their issues. Phil isn’t there to hear himself talk. He is there to inspire, whether it’s an intimate workshop or keynote talk.

many shades of phil gerbyshakNever plain vanilla and always colorful, Phil is fully expressed in his vibrant and joyous brand. And audiences love him for that.

Why Phil HAS to get the word out

Phil might literally explode if he wasn’t able to communicate. Speaking to groups is a very natural thing for him. He is a true people person who is fueled by connecting and interacting with others.

What better way to communicate with lots of people than by speaking?

Phil lives to speak TO and communicate WITH people, not to broadcast.

In fact, everything he teaches is about building deep and rich connections with your employees, customers, and business partners.

Hard-wired as a connector, Phil is constantly introducing people to each other and resources.

“Phil is one of those rare Lynchpins whose artistic approach to life, business, technology and relationships puts him in the category of the “New Elite” that Seth Godin speaks about: “those people who are actively engaged in new ideas, actively seeking out change, actively engaging.” He’s been doing this his whole career and he’s fearless in showing up authentically and with HEART. Phil is changing the world with his message, and has the bandwidth to transform and connect with audiences, indeed, with the world, like a Rock Star. He is prolific in generating new ideas and providing creative solutions that are innovative, fresh and game-changing. Phil is my hero and I am fortunate to be part of his circle.”
~ Laura Parrino Byxbe, Career Management Consultant, Right Management

Who has Phil Gerbyshak worked with?

Who has worked with Phil?

Phil has spoken to groups such as Brunswick Billiards, California’s Executive Institute, Robert W. Baird, the National Association
of Insurance Commissioners, Association of Applied and Theraputic Humor, Office Max, Fish & Wildlife Service, HP User Forum, Biz Times Expo, Social Media Club, Successful Online Business Conference, HDI (formerly Help Desk Institute) national conference and numerous local chapters, many chambers of commerce, and many more groups and businesses.

What can Phil speak about?

Lots of topics! Social media implementation, customer engagement, sales strategies, help desk management – to name just a few.

All talks are customized to fit the audience, but some here are some examples of current talk topics:phil gerbyshak sucks at social media

  • Become a Networking Super Hero: This talk demonstrates how to get connected to the right people (and not the wrong ones), and learn to be a great networker. Get inspired and learn how to create your inner networking super hero, to grow your business, and your personal brand.
  • Connections Not Contacts – How to Use Social Media to Make More Sales: This is a keynote speech perfect for audiences who know about the benefits of social media – but who want to know how to better use the tools to achieve the results they want to achieve. Phil includes stories about how to connect using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and video, to name a few, and connects that with how your business can do the same.  This is a fresh speech where Phil will find relevant content for your company and industry and weave them in to create a very fun and actionable keynote.

Phil on the news

Phil is a sought after expert on the TV news channels, both for his insights as well as his ability to break down whatever he is talking about into small, meaningful nuggets.

Phil Gerbyshak on Reputation Management

What people are saying about Phil Gerbyshak

~Kate Pelchat, DeVry University

“Phil has spoken to the Recruiter Network on three different occassions. Once on branding. Once on LinkedIn & Facebook, and once on Twitter. Each time Phil has given an awesome presentation! He presents his subject matter in a way that teaches people new to the subject that they need to know to get started, yet giving great advanced ideas to those who are familiar with the subject. His presentations are very personable, fun, and relevent in the real world. He has a passion for his subjects and is always learning, so even if you have seen him multiple times you will always be able to pick up something new. He truly does make his presentations great. I highly recommend him!”
~ Everet Kamikawa, Past President, Recruiter Network

“I am the President of HDI Capital Area Local Chapter, a non-profit association dedicated to serving IT professionals in the DC area. We hired Phil to speak at our Annual Awards Luncheon. Phil was energetic, knowledgeable and informative. Every attendee left with an actionable plan to achieve their goals. Phil’s dedication to the education and success of each individual is inspiring. Our Analyst of the Year winner contact Phil and he has continued to mentor him. I continue to seek out Phil’s presentations at conferences and add something to my leadership tool kit each time. I can’t wait to have Phil return to our DC chapter.”
~ Sandy Seroskie, Past President, HDI Capital Area

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Becoming A Networking Super Hero

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What others say about Phil
“Phil Gerbyshak is an inspired master speaker who can light a dark corner in any room on fire with his absolute love of humanity, and a deep wisdom about team building, leadership and communication. His style is witty and improvisational, and grounded by a tireless, authentic generosity.”

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