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Social Media on my Mobile Phone (top row)

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This week’s tool is actually several tools that I use on my mobile phone to manage my social media life for me – and for my clients. Many you may recognize, but others you may not. Believe it or not, before they worked with me, some of my clients think they need to go to the website of the social media service to manage them, and explaining how I use them may help others understand how they could better use them – or share how they use them so I can be better at what I do.

NOTE: All of these applications are free to use. I am currently using an iPhone 4s, but all of these applications are available for the Android – and may even be better on the Android that on the iPhone. These are my top row. I’ll be posting the rest on future Tuesdays.

social mobile on my phone top row Social Media on my Mobile Phone (top row)

Google+- I use Google+ to post to Google+, to find interesting things that I might share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and to upload interesting photos I find or take. Mostly a consumption application, though occasionally I will post something from the mobile application – or at least I can re-share the good stuff. You need a Google account to use this application.

LinkedIn – I use LinkedIn for finding connections in common, for accepting LinkedIn requests and for responding to e-mails people send using LinkedIn. I do NOT decline connection requests via the mobile app (unless it’s an obvious spammer). Seldom do I make connection requests. Reason: I like to reply to those I don’t know who send me LinkedIn invites and find out how I might know them – or how we might benefit each other. I don’t make connection requests because I can’t personalize the invitation – and I don’t want anyone (even if they know me SUPER well) to think I’m a spammer!

Facebook – Great for managing my personal profile, accepting friend requests, managing a group and replying to Facebook messages. Can be a challenge to manage my client’s pages, as I’m never sure if I’m logged in as the page or as me – and I normally need to be logged in as my client if I’ll be posting on their wall.

Foursquare – I like Foursquare a lot, as it helps me see where my friends are, helps me explore neighborhoods I’m unfamiliar with, and allows me to stay connected to my friends and clients and show them how they could use it for their businesses. I also try to upload photos of locations I’m at or people I am with. I don’t post everywhere I check in to Twitter or Facebook but I do post some pictures and some check-ins if I’m trying to build buzz for a location or if I’m going to say something I think may be helpful to others.

YOUR TURN: How would YOU use these 4 tools for your small business social media efforts?

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  1. I’m with you on all these four platforms, I use them the same way. I especially love FourSquare on my iPhone. Super easy to check in. And likewise, if I want to promote a business, I include tips and photos. All there in one click!

    Love your new blog by the way!

  2. I use the platforms in exactly the same way other than Foursquare which I do not use at all!

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