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Small Town Rules: An interview with @BeckyMccray

Becky McCray Small Town RulesI just got back from my 20 year high school reunion, and I realized something: small towns rule, and the rules of small towns are applicable to businesses of all sizes. Things like great customer service, being approachable and being connected all matter – and small towns have known and done this for years. But there’s so much more to that, and so much more strategy you can implement in your business, if you learn about how small towns operate.

I’m fortunate to be friends with an expert in small town ideas, Becky McCray. Becky is the co-author (along with Barry Moltz) of the outstanding book Small Town Rules. You’re fortunate Becky’s my friend too, because she is willing to share some of the most important parts of her book in an interview I did with her a few weeks back.

Becky starts out by talking about the “human scale” which is something all businesses can do, and then goes on from there with TONS of suggestions for thinking smaller – and growing your business.

Our interview goes about 22 minutes, and it’s a lot of useful insights from Becky about the how (and the why) behind why small towns rule. I think you’ll enjoy it, and I encourage you to take some notes and learn as much as you can from Becky.

Want more from Becky McCray?

Visit her blog Small Biz Survival, follow her on Twitter, or buy her book Small Town Rules. All are stocked with many great ways to learn more about how your business can think smaller – and take advantage of the lack of scale your business has to blow the doors off your competition.

Disclosure: I receive many free books throughout the year, and occasionally a book will be relevant enough for my audience that I’ll take the time to interview the author(s). This is one of those times that I got a free book, though I have bought copies of this book for others. If you listen to the interview, you can tell that I was in no way swayed by the free book and that I truly enjoy it, and you can rest assured other interviews are done in a similarly ethical fashion. I just needed to tell you this because of the FTC guidelines. 

Audio Interview with Becky McCray (23 minutes)

One Response to Small Town Rules: An interview with @BeckyMccray

  • Many small town businesses do some very good things that bigger businesses could bennefit from. My favorite is treating your customer pool as static (which is more or less is in a small town). If you know you’re going to see the same customers over and over again, you make good decisions about which customers you want and how to treat them.

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