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See the Future of Apple and more with Dan Burrus

Today I am honored to bring you the amazing Dan Burrus, author of Flash Foresight, See the Invisible and Do the Impossible, on the Post 2 Post tour.


Dan started his tour over at Principled Innovation with Jeff De Cagna (@pinnovation) on Monday, then moved on to The Fresh Peel with Chris Wilson (@FreshPeel) on Tuesday, then to BrandMix with Martin Bishop (@martinjbishop) on Wednesday, today he’s visiting me, and tomorrow, he’ll be wrapping up his tour over at my buddy Rajesh Setty’s Blog where he’s busy Bringing Ideas To Life (@RajSetty).

What would you do if you could predict the future?

Don’t believe you can predict the future?

Stay tuned and listen to me interview Dan Burrus, author of the great new book Flash Foresight.

In the book, Dan focuses on 2 types of change that we talk about in our interview:

Cycle change – like the seasons
Linear change – impact is predictable

Dan says the problem isn’t that we can’t predict the future; rather he says the problem is that we’re too busy to make the time to predict the future.

Dan stars by asking me a question:

Were the executives at General Motors busy or not busy during the past few years before they went bankrupt?

And then we got into the interview, where I asked Dan:

  • What is Flash Foresight, and how does it make the invisible visible?
  • How can I learn to use my flash foresight, and what are some examples of companies that could have had flash foresight but didn’t?
  • Why don’t more people take the time to pay attention and make predictions and why do they get stuck?
  • And I put him on the spot and asked him how he got so smart!

In our interview, Dan amazingly even predicts the future for Apple computers and Steve Jobs and offers some great ideas to take advantage of hard trends coming in the future.

The interview goes almost 18 minutes, and I spent most of the time nodding in agreement. I hope you enjoy it!

Flash Foresight Interview with Dan Burrus and Phil Gerbyshak

(18 minutes and about 18 MBs)

If you want to learn more from Dan, check out the Flash Foresight website where if you pick up a copy of his book, you’ll get nearly $20,000 in bonuses, or check out Dan’s company Burrus Research.

Don’t forget to stop by Raj Setty’s place tomorrow where the tour will wrap up. Thanks to Paul Williams for setting this up!

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