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Phil Gerbyshak in Action

23 minute video of Phil Gerbyshak sharing Make a PLAN and Make It Great! with the Chicagoland HDI chapter.

6 Responses to Phil Gerbyshak in Action

  • Phil,
    It’s great to see and hear you!
    Great four-point talk.
    BTW – I love that cheese joke about your mom. My mother cut the cheese too.
    PS – What is HDI?

  • Thank you Terry – Glad you enjoyed the talk.

    Fun that your mom cut the cheese too. My mom tries to deny it, but I know it’s true :)

    HDI is formerly the Help Desk Institute. for more information.

  • I’ve heard Phil teach and inspire audiences and individuals. I personally own his wonderful book “10 Ways to Make it Great” and have used to help myself and others build a better plan for the future. He has a message that he shares with conviction because it is one he lives with conviction each and every day. His talk is a reflection of his walk…and he is walking to higher ground!
    Kirk out

  • Hey, Phil,

    Excellent presentation! The “my mom cuts the cheese for a living.” was great! I’m still laughing. I love the fact that you shared just 4 points – Keeps it simple so people are more likely to use what you teach. :) I also really like the way you point out “Who do you need to meet today?” and “Who needs to meet me?”. Too often people forget that people need to meet them just as badly as they need to meet others.

    Thanks for sharing. Your work is valuable!!! Keep it up :)

  • Phil,

    I really enjoyed your presentation at the HDI Meeting in Denver yesterday. You not only had great content, but you also had a way of motivating and engaging the audience by your enthusiastic presentation style. Thanks for all the wonderful tips you shared. I’m really glad that I brought my staff to this particular meeting with me. Thanks again.

    Jakki Erosky
    I.T. Service Desk Manager, City of Arvada, Colorado

  • Your story is inspiring. I’m glad you didn’t listen to that guidance counselor who told you that you couldn’t but instead persevered and showed him that you could.

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“Phil Gerbyshak is an inspired master speaker who can light a dark corner in any room on fire with his absolute love of humanity, and a deep wisdom about team building, leadership and communication. His style is witty and improvisational, and grounded by a tireless, authentic generosity.”

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