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3 Words to Make My 2013 Great – and you can too! [video]

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3 words is all I need to make 2013 my best year ever! I am really excited for 2013! Last year was truly amazing and I did a lot of great things with my business and my life. Unfortunately, much of the success I had is not repeatable this year. Good things happened I couldn’t have imagined, and though I love serendipity a lot, I also like to have some regularity in my life and especially in my business. What about you? Do you like the planned or the unplanned?

No matter which you prefer, I’ve found that locking in to 3 words, or rather, 3 phrases, for my year is a great way to make sure things happen in a somewhat regular way. So instead of just telling you my 3 words for 2013, I recorded the first of what I expect will be many videos in 2013. It’s only about 90 seconds long, and it’s the first one I’ve done with my new computer.

Can’t see the embedded video above? Watch 3 words to make 2013 great.

YOUR TURN: So what do YOU want to do, for your life and for your business, in 2013? Do you have a different way of making sure this happens for you? Is this a helpful video for you? Any feedback you have, I’d appreciate and will read and respond to. Thanks for your time and attention. And thanks to Chris Brogan for the 3 word format.

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  1. “Don’t do it unless it’s FUN” YES!!! great F words – Fil ;)

  2. Chris Brogan started it but we can continue :) 2013 – looks like a grrrreat year!

  3. This is the year I take my business to the next level. It’s been kind of going along in the background but now that I’m much higher in google ranking (first page for one keyword) and starting to get some serious traffic, it’s time to convert. In some ways, I wish I could hit the fast-forward button to the end of 2013 to see where I end up. But since I can’t, we might as well enjoy the ride on the way : )

  4. Phil, well done on your first video.
    Be sure to FOLLOW UP up with more of them.

    You are good at what you do, and it comes across well in front of the camera( in my opinion.)

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