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LinkedIn Premium is Worth It for Sales People [5 Reasons]

LinkedIn Premium

Last month, I made the switch and started paying for LinkedIn Premium. I’ve used it before, but they’ve added some new features, and I’ve gotten a little smarter in my business, so I’m giving it another go.

There is 1 primary reason, and 4 less important (to me) reasons to use LinkedIn Premium. Perhaps these will help you decide whether or not LinkedIn Premium is for you.

1: More introductions – I use LinkedIn to contact friends of friends. If I can get 1 introduction a day, from someone who already knows/likes/trusts me, that means 15-20 new people a month who I can add to my network, that I hand selected, that maybe 1 will do business with me.

2: Profile review – I can now right click on your profile and see your updates, I don’t have to paddle through the stream of crap to see them.

3: Improved search functionality and the ability to save more searches – I can search more effectively, with more fields that are searchable, and I can find what I want to find easier, and then save those searches. You get more when you pay for LinkedIn Premium.

4: Improved LinkedIn SEO – LinkedIn isn’t Google, and previously, it’s been a big mystery. Now, LinkedIn actually tells you words to add to your profile to rank better. Pretty cool if you ask me.

5: Ranking of my profile – I get to know how I stack up amongst my peers on LinkedIn, which doesn’t help my business, but it does feed my ego. This was a neat feature, and even though I haven’t checked it yet, I know I will.

Here are 2 more that may be helpful to you but didn’t weigh in my decision.

Skip the line for LinkedIn Publisher – I’ve seen a few people I know be able to jump right to the front of the line and get approved for LinkedIn Publisher. I won’t spend much time on it here as I wrote a comprehensive article on LinkedIn Publisher last week. Suffice it to say, this is a great way to get in front of your candidates. I didn’t need this as I was already using LinkedIn Publisher.

More InMails – if you don’t have a large network of people and you prefer cold connecting with people, you get InMails you can send to people you find on LinkedIn to ask them to connect to you. For many, this is a great feature. I don’t do this, as I work hard to find a way to connect through someone I already know, like and trust, and hopefully who my potential connection knows, likes and trusts.

Want more? Check out all LinkedIn says is cool about LinkedIn Premium.

YOUR TURN: What’s missing from LinkedIn Premium for Sales that could make it even MORE useful for your sales career?

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