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Lessons Learned from A Dreampreneur (part 1)

traci bogan phil gerbyshakDo you need a kick in the pants? Not every day – but some days. Just a reminder that you’re heading in the right direction, that you CAN keep going? I sure do.

And I’m fortunate that I have friends that are willing to kick me in the pants now and then. One of these wonderful people is author, speaker, world traveler, and dreampreneur Traci Bogan.

What’s that? A dreampreneur? You haven’t heard of that. Oh you will – and you just might be one (or want to be one) by the time you get done reading my interviews with Traci.

According to Traci, here’s the definition of dreampreneur:

Dreampreneur [dreem pruh-noor] noun, one who has an unrelenting will to achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams, and live with purpose – despite all fears, obstacles, and opposition.

Sounds like most small business owners to me. And certainly something I aspire to be.

Traci recently left on her trip around the world to see her 50th country, and before she left, I was lucky enough to have lunch with her, and I knew I needed to share her story with you. Inspiring people inspire me to keep going when I feel down, and Traci is definitely one of those people who inspires me. I hope you find part 1 of her interview inspiring to you, and that you’ll come back tomorrow when I share part 2.

Lessons Learned from A Dreampreneur (part 1)

Phil Gerbyshak: You’ve backpacked around the world, and are just starting your trip to the next 50 points of interest. What was the biggest lesson you learned after backpacking and exploring 50 countries?

Traci Bogan: We create our own reality. Feeding and strengthening your mind is your success X Factor. Personal Development is key and plays a bigger role in your success in life and in your business or organization, than any other factor. A close second lesson, is the power for forgiveness. A critical step to personal transformation is having the strength and courage to forgive and release the hurts, pains, injustices, and indiscretions of your past. Your may not be responsible for some of your victimizations, but certainly you are responsible for how you react to them and for how long you allow them to control your emotions and your life. When you are emotionally free, your whole world opens up and changes.

Phil: What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had in your life/business, and how have you overcome it?

Traci: Being sexually abused as a child had its claws around my life and controlled my emotions until I was in my thirties. It took a trip around the world and tens of thousands of dollars to land me in front of a mirror at an ashram in India. It was there that I learned the power of forgiveness and how to take back my power. I learned that the biggest thing I could ever do for myself was to pay attention to what I was inputting into my mindset.

Becoming a devout student of Personal Development, not only changed the course of my life, it saved it.

Phil: You are one of the most motivated, action oriented people I know. How do you stay motivated in the face of adversity?

Traci: My pat answer always goes back to Personal Development, feeding and strengthening your mind and focusing on WHY you want it, instead of HOW it is going to work out. Also, staying connected with those who support you and your vision.

Phil: I know connections are of critical importance to you, and you’ve met thousands of people. How do you stay connected to so many from so many different parts of the world?

Traci: I use SendOutCards, an automated greeting card system. Each week I randomly grab a small stack of people’s business cards who I had a connection with and send them a soft-touch greeting card to say “Hello” and keep the connection going.

This small act of thoughtfulness goes a long way. I know that when I get to Alaska or Hawaii or India, I have a friend there who I can call for guidance on what to see or do in their town and maybe catch lunch. It is unbelievably effective, simple and inexpensive to do.

Phil: Who or what inspires you?

Traci: Dr. Wayne Dyer is not only my mentor, he is my most favorite person on planet earth. He inspires me to be better and more and knowing him has evolved my humanity and deepened my purpose. I’m also drawn and attracted to people who walk the walk and make things happen in their life. Those are the kind of people I choose to surround myself in and seek advice from.

Phil: What has surprised you the most during your trip around the world?

Traci: First, seeing the level of poverty and starvation, just a plane ride away.
And second, the kindness of strangers who took me into their home and literally
shared their last loaf of bread with me and used their last coins out of their cigar box to treat us to a room temperature bottle of beer, to celebrate our new friendship.

If you enjoyed part 1, come back tomorrow for part 2 of this interview with Traci. Or if you want to follow her right now on her trip around the world, visit or Traci Bogan Goal & Motivational Speaker.

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