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Leadership and Love: An Interview with Steve Farber

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Do you believe to be a good leader you need to love your team? Not capital L love, in a romantic way, but little l love, love who they are, what they do, and how they do it? I know it might feel like a foreign concept, and yet it is one of the most powerful ones.

One of my favorite people on the planet who talks about leadership and love is my pal Steve Farber. Steve is the author of many great books, and is one of the most inspiring and practical speakers I’ve ever heard. I got to spend 20 minutes with him on his birthday to talk about leadership and love and a whole lot more.

My favorite quote from Steve is this, and he explains this really well in the video below:

Do what you love in the service of those who love what you do.

It’s what I am honored to do each and every day in my business, and it’s something you can do too.

Invest 22 minutes, and watch this conversation between Steve Farber and me.

Want to go deeper with Farber on leadership and love?

Because Steve is a friend of mine, he’s allowed me to offer something special to my friends and readers (that’s YOU if you’re reading this): It’s a free 2 hour audio program. You can’t buy it anywhere. Instead – you can get it for FREE just by signing up here. You can put it on your mobile device and listen to it again and again and again. It’s that good.

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