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Inviting Your Customers to Foursquare

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In an earlier post I wrote about some Creative Ways to Use Foursquare to market your business.

One of those ideas was to create “Easter Eggs”:

Hide “Easter Eggs” in your products or billing statements. Print out a mini-flyer describing your Foursquare specials and hide them inside books, packaging, or include them with correspondence to your customers. Remind them that when they visit your store they are eligible for special rewards when they Check In on Foursquare.

You can include these in mailings, shopping bags, table tents or anywhere you have an opportunity to send or give your customer a piece of paper.

I have created a couple of templates for you to work with for incorporating these promotional materials into your marketing program.

A check-stuffer: download the .doc file
foursquare check stuffer 280x122 Inviting Your Customers to Foursquare

I used Open Office Draw to make a table tent: download the file here

foursquare table tent Inviting Your Customers to Foursquare

Get creative! What are some other ways that you can think of to create a IRL invitation to join a virtual community?

FoursquareCrown Inviting Your Customers to FoursquareButtons? Imagine making a badge that the Mayor of your place of business can wear while they are visiting.

Stickers? Share your thoughts in the Comments.

twitter icon 02012 150x150 Inviting Your Customers to Foursquare

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  1. This is just wonderful! I love that you have included the downloadable files : )


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