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Impress Your Clients With Personalized Calendars

2013-calendarOne of the most effective ways to stay connected to your small business clients is by giving them a promotional product they will actually use, with your logo on it. Giving your customers a personalized calendar is one effective way to communicate important information about your company. You can use also use a custom calendar as a unique marketing tool to attract new customers. Choosing a relevant, and visually stunning, calendar is one very effective way to connect with clients.

But what types of things should you personalize on your calendar?

Important Dates

Creating personalized calendars for your customers lets you share important company dates with your clients. For example, if you typically have an anniversary sale, you could include it on the appropriate date in the calendar. Your customers will see the date for your sale and potentially make plans to attend. These customers might even tell their friends and neighbors about your big sale.

Contact Information and Hours

A calendar is an effective tool for reminding your customers of your company’s contact information and regular business hours. Put this on every page of your calendar, making it simple for your customers to see the information they need immediately. If your company has certain days with unusual hours, such as national holidays, you can include this information on the proper dates in the calendar.

Advertise Products with Pictures

With a monthly calendar, you’ll have at least 12 pages you need to fill with pictures. Use this space to advertise your products or services. If you operate a catering company, fill your calendar with pictures of delicious-looking food. If you sell coats, include pictures of models wearing your products. Resist the urge to use beautiful pictures that have nothing to do with your company.

Consider including your company logo on each picture you use. This will help your customers’ house guests identify your business at a glance. You should place this logo in an unobtrusive location at the bottom of each picture.

Calendars Make a Memorable Gift

Most people have a countless supply of notepads, pens and other gifts from other companies. If you get a quality custom calendar, your small business can stand out next to the typical business freebies most businesses give away. Good news: Many people still rely on print calendars to schedule their important daily events. Your customers will appreciate your calendar and might even display it on their wall for their guests to see.

And don’t be stingy! Give each customer a few extra calendars if they ask for them. They just might hand out your calendars to their friends and family, potentially increasing your customer base.

If you need a new, useful product to give your customers, consider giving away a personalized calendar. Your high quality, custom calendar will impress your customers with your thoughtfulness and visually advertise your business at the same time.

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