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I’ll Tungle For Ya – Scheduling Made Simple

One of the things I miss about corporate America is the ability in real time to book appointments with people who want to work with me. It was easy because we were all on the same e-mail and calendar platform, I could see anytime, anywhere, when people had time to meet, and I could request a meeting simply and easily.

When I went full-time in my own small business, I didn’t have the luxury (or the capital) to set up a full-blown calendaring solution for me – and even if I had the money and the time, it wouldn’t have worked for scheduling meetings with my clients who were not on the same servers as I was.

Enter Tungle – an even better tool than what I had in corporate America.

It’s simple – you just sign up for a Tungle account (, synchronize your calendar, then you share your Tungle URL with people who want to book your time.

Simple – easy and painless. And it’s free.

Tungle’s website has 3 things they tout – and they work great!

1) Share your calendar so people can book it – without sharing details

2) Reply to meeting requests and send invitations from your mobile device.

3) Synchronize the calendar you’re already using with Tungle so you can have 1 up-to-date calendar – and so you don’t get double booked.

If you’ve had trouble getting meetings and appointments scheduled with your customers and potential customers, give Tungle a try.

If you want to see my calendar in action, check out

YOUR TURN: What’s your biggest challenge scheduling? What other calendaring program do you use to help you overcome this problem?

14 Responses to I’ll Tungle For Ya – Scheduling Made Simple

  • Thanks for the great rundown of Tungle, Phil! I’d seen it used before but because of other shiny things I never gave it a go. Will do now! Cheers! (love the Culture Club reference, too!)

  • I have a couple of clients who started to use Tungle but then stopped.

    Life was indeed much easier for setting appointments in the corporate world!

    I love the flexibility of Google Calendar. I use the ActionBox addon for Gmail which allows me to schedule quickly directly from my mailbox. You can share calendars as well. At the moment it is the best option out there for me.

    • I hadn’t heard of the ActionBox addon. I’ll give it a look. Thanks for sharing it.

      Tungle crosses platforms which I really like. And it works mobile – which is really important for me as I’m seldom at my home or on my laptop.

  • This reminded me of when I used to work for one of the major life insurance companies and the internet was still in its infancy stage. We would have a monthly calendar printed out and placed on the door of the conference halls so we can see if the room was available. We would then email the Admin to see about scheduling a meeting with the manager. Then we would wait for an email back to see if that would work. That whole system alone sometimes took longer than the actual meeting itself.

    We’ve certainly come a LONG way since!

    • Wow Jocelyn – what a memory! I had a former president who had a “pinky” – his daily calendar printed out on a piece of pink paper. Those were the days :)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  • Thanks! I need to check it out. :)

  • I believe I’m seen Tungle before, but I’ll have to take another look!

  • Swell of you to write about Tungle to your readers, as I’ve been using it for the past 3 years or so since it went public. I don’t “use it” as much as I could use it, primarily as people don’t always understand the interface — but I’ll tell you, the mobile layout is much prettier than the standard one.

    Unrelated, I’d like to know if someone replies to my comment here but I don’t care to read other comments. Suggest you implement threads and the ReplyMe plugin.

  • I’ve heard good things about Tungle before, but I’ve been hesitant to start using it because there hasn’t been an update on their blog since they announced being acquired by RIM in May 2011. It makes me wonder what the future holds for them, especially since it’s free.

    I searched RIM’s site to see if there was any information there and didn’t see anything…

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