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How to Make a Lasting Impression with a Finance Expert

Money MattersFinding a good finance expert can provide you with many advantages in the business world. When you find a financial expert you want to work with, developing a positive relationship with him or her is important to a successful working relationship. Once you have a financial consultant that you trust and enjoy working with, you’ll be able to run your small business more efficiently. Here are a few things to consider about making a lasting impression with financial experts.

Start  by Doing Your Homework

If you walk into a meeting with a financial person totally unprepared, it’s going to make you look bad and likely will waste both parties time. You need to do your homework on the front end and find out the basic concepts of finance. If the expert has to start from square one explaining basic concepts to you, then you will not be able to get very far in one conversation, and you’ll likely not be seen as a good client. It will take a little bit of effort on your part, but it will make the meeting much more productive and will waste less of both of your time.

Know What Questions to Ask

When you are about to get involved with a financial expert, you need to know what to ask them. Research your business’ financials and figure out what you’re having trouble understanding. If you know what you want to accomplish with your business, you’ll be able to ask better questions. For example, you might ask a specific question about online savings account interest rates and why they are what they are. Most financial experts will actually enjoy and want to do business with someone who knows what they are doing in this regard. When you ask uninformed questions, you won’t be able to make a very good impression with the expert and likely will not be able to secure this professional’s services.

Do more homework – research the expert

If you will take the time to research the expert you’re meeting with before your meeting, you’ll make a better first impression. For instance, if you know that the expert used to work for an online stock broker, you can make small talk about the broker or even the online investment world. Anything you can find out about the financial expert before you go into the meeting can be beneficial. Start with a Google search, which should turn up any online profiles they have, and provide you with plenty to talk about during our meeting.

No matter how good the first meeting goes, take time to develop a long-term relationship. Keep in contact with the expert, by adding value to the relationship, and you’ll have a much better chance of developing a positive working relationship. Though you’re hiring a service provider, if you respect the expert’s time and bring as much to the table as you can, the relationship will be win-win and the other person will actually pick up the phone when you call and not dread your number on their caller ID.

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