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Happy Small Business Week

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In case you didn’t know, this week is National Small Business Week. It’s a great time to celebrate your successes if you’re a small business owner, or support a local small business if you’re a consumer.

small business week2 Happy Small Business Week

There’s a whole program geared to small business owners like you and me. Some of the sessions I may tune into the webcast are:

  • Town Hall – Small Businesses Creating an Economy Built to Last
  • National Awards Luncheon Honoring State Small Business Winners
  • Business Matchmaking – Session 1

And of course, my favorite, the Social Media Forum, with fellow SOBCon attendee and new friend Brian Moran (who I’m hoping tweets a LOT throughout the few days so I can peek in from time to time and catch up on what I missed).

You can tune into theĀ small business week program live on your computer, which I think is a great touch as many small business owners are working at their business all week.

CHALLENGE TO YOU: I’d love to see if everyone who reads this article can avoid the national chains and big box stores for just 1 week and spend the money in a local small business. You’ll make a huge difference in your local economy and the national retailers will barely notice – or will they?

Your turn: How are YOU celebrating small business week at your business or in your community?

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