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Happy Birthday Meet-Meme

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Meet-Meme, my favorite social media trading cards are turning 1 this month. Well, 1 year old is how old their retail website is. They’re actually almost 2 years old. Happy birthday!!

If you’re not familiar, below are my cards (front and back). After the pictures, I’ll explain why I love them so much.

phil atari meetmeme front 214x300 Happy Birthday Meet Meme                                phil atari meetmem back 214x300 Happy Birthday Meet Meme

Click on them to see them in full size.

I love these cards for MANY reasons, but here are a few that stand out.

Why I Love Meet-Meme Social Media Trading Cards

1) Size matters – I love the fact they are oversized and are as big as a baseball card (hence the term social media trading cards. Nobody has this size business card, except other Meet-Meme folks. Sure, it’s not perfect in the pocket, but it’s not typical. I’m not either icon smile Happy Birthday Meet Meme

2) They’re a conversation piece – With that huge of a picture of me, folks notice it. And talk about it. And share it. And talk about it some more. People remember my Meet-Meme cards, even if they forget me or my name.

3) They’re always changing designs – They have a TON of different colors, and often they create special themes that you can unlock (like the retro video games one my current cards are) that are available for a limited time only.

4) I can change the information inexpensively - With orders as few as 20 cards, I can order a few cards with a bunch of information on them, then if I don’t like them or they don’t get any results, I can order more with different information (or a different design).

5) I get a landing page and a neat QR code with links to other properties –  If you look closely on the back, you’ll see a QR code. That’s the graphic you may not know what it is. You can make your own (for free) if you want. It’s cool though. What is extraordinary is I get a free landing page to list my other web properties. Visit to see mine. Pretty cool on the desktop huh? And what’s even MORE extraordinary is if you scan in the QR code on your mobile app. Check out what shows up now.

phil meetmeme mobile 200x300 Happy Birthday Meet Meme

And each tab is clickable. Pretty cool huh?

6) I can design them myself – This is probably the biggest reason I love Meet-Meme. I am not a designer so the fact I can design my own cards makes me VERY happy. Just a few clicks, and I get cool cards. With my photo on them. Awesome sauce!

So to celebrate the fact they just turned 1, if you order you can get your cards shipped anywhere in the US and Canada for just 1 penny. That’s right, 1 penny for shipping! Now through the end of January. Woot!

Happy birthday Meet-Meme!

If you’re a small business owner who is even a little active on social media, pick up pack or 2 of Meet-Meme cards and give them away when you’re networking. See what people say. I’ll bet you get remembered WAY more than with your usual business cards, which will lead to more business, or at least more awareness of who you are and what you do.

And here’s the press release on what they are doing to celebrate, in case you want more information or need more convincing before you buy your own cards.


Anna Tiry


Meet-Meme Offers 1 Shipping on Social Trading Cards to Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary.

Meet-Meme’s original Social Trading Cards have been enhancing networking experiences for over a year.

MILWAUKEE, January 12, 2011 – announces today 1₵ shipping for the rest of January in celebration of their launch to the public one year ago. Although the company has been providing social networking trading cards since the summer of 2010, the retail site was launched in early January, 2011.

Anyone with a presence on any social network site can take advantage of the social trading cards. Simply visit and if you are one of the 800 million Facebook users, you can easily log in using Facebook or create an account with just your name, an email and password.

“Our growing community of Meet-Meme card holders understands that leading with your personal brand is good for business. When we meet people offline, it’s important to continue the relationship online, and then back offline again. Connecting people you meet to your personal digital dashboard allows your new contacts to connect with you where you are online,” said Jonathan Brewer, Co-Founder of

Meet-Meme allows you to break the ice with a unique conversation starter – your very own trading card. Afterwards, the person you’ve met has access to your personal digital dashboard which houses links to all of your social networks and personal links. The dashboard was built first for the mobile experience, and then expanded to the desktop experience. This valuable feature is included free with all card orders.


Meet-Meme social trading cards bridge a user’s online and offline relationships. Each trading card tells a story about the individual and their evolving social media profile: stats, bio, networks, contact info, hobbies or even a favorite quote. In addition, a personalized URL and QR Code are used to link others to the cardholder’s entire digital footprint (social profiles, blogs, websites). It’s simple: meet, scan and connect. View more at:

Disclaimer: I do get a few pennies if you order cards from Meet Meme. I use and love these cards, and would even if I didn’t get a few pennies for your purchase. 

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  1. Hi Phil!

    Love the card. What app did you use for the QR Code? I like that you can have more than 1 social media outlet on there.

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Love the Meet-Meme updates…

    Thanks for introducing them to me! :)


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