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Many years ago I was introduced to a book that changed my life. It talked about Love and leadership, among many other leadership ideas.

The book was written as a fable, which means it wasn’t your typical “this is how you must lead” leadership book. Instead it demonstrated through the power of story how a radical new way of leading, an extreme way of leading, could make a difference in an organization. This book changed the way I led my teams, and it reinforced that it was more than ok to talk about Love with your team.

Fast forward a few years and I got to meet the author. We became good friends and have spent a good amount of time together at conferences and when we are in the same city. He’s been a mentor to me, and his thesis is how I live my life and run my business now:

Do what you love in the service of those who love what you do.

The book is Radical Leap (now revised to be Radical Leap Re-energized) and the man who teaches this extreme leadership is my friend Steve Farber.

Steve Farber, Leadership Keynote Speaker and Author: Love is Good Business from Steve Farber.

Can’t see the video above? click here to see a little more about the positive impact of this Love stuff in business from Steve.

Farber told me about an Extreme Leadership intensive workshop he’s doing in Des Moines, Iowa July 18th and 19th, and he asked me to share it with you. He also said if you do sign up and you use my code of philgerb that he would give you 20% off – and he will spiff me a bit too. I told him I’d promote his workshop for nothing because I believe in his work that much because I believe in him that much.

If you are a Leader (executive, vice president, director, manager or whatever) or a leader (someone who is untitled who leads people or who wants to lead people), this is the workshop for you. It’s based on Steve’s life’s work and passion and it is sure to be amazing, inspiring, and, most importantly, ACTIONABLE.

Sign up for this life changing event. If you already Love your people, it will reinforce what you already know to be true. If you’re not getting the results from your team you know you could and you don’t know why, this event will help you. If you’re not sure about this lovey dovey love crap I’m talking about but you’re thinking it might make even 1% of sense, sign up and go. You’ll thank me for it later.

Go get you some extreme leadership now – and watch your life’s work soar!!

Sign up NOW for the Extreme Leadership Intensive in Des Moines, Iowa July 18th and 19th. Be sure to use code philgerb for 20% off.

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