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Gerbyshak at Biz Times Expo – Presenting Make Friends First, Do Business Last

Phil Gerbyshak casualPhil Gerbyshak is honored to be presenting at the 2014 Biz Times Expo, with stories and insights from his upcoming book Make Friends First, Do Business Last, due out in late 2014.

About Make Friends First, Do Business Last

Will you marry me? Come on – I mean REALLY – will you marry me? Sadly, this is how most business owners approach social media. They go for the sale right away, and miss the point of the new world of social media: being social first by making friends – and doing business last.

Join Phil Gerbyshak for an interactive session where you’ll learn how to make friends first, and do business last, and integrating social and traditional media to grow your business. Phil will share his tips, tricks, and case studies he’s found for the financial professionals, small business owners, and others to grow their business.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

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“Phil Gerbyshak is an inspired master speaker who can light a dark corner in any room on fire with his absolute love of humanity, and a deep wisdom about team building, leadership and communication. His style is witty and improvisational, and grounded by a tireless, authentic generosity.”

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