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Erika Napoletano – Rethinking Unpopular

Recently I watched an inspiring video, about rethinking unpopular. One of the biggest takeaways was a key point, illustrated by the following screen capture.

unpopular does not equal unlikeable

The difference Erika makes is a very interesting one:

    • Unpopular people focus on the 2 most important groups of in our lives; those who will love us no matter what – and ourselves.
    • Unlikeable people think it’s all about them.

And I am a huge fan of Erika, as she always is who she is, and never hides from it. Her confidence radiates through in all she does, and I love that quality in her, and others like her.

And Erika, like me, believes you need to be who you are, ALL THE TIME, to give people every opportunity the ability to love us – or hate us. But not to feel indifferent about us.

How can you do that?

Erika offers two simple steps in this 17 minute video:


    • Stop apologizing
    • Start being honest

That’s easy to understand – and it’s hard to do.

How can you incorporate those into your life’s work?

2 ways to be more comfortable with being unpopular and to incorporate them into your life’s work:

Take the 17 minutes and watch the video. Seriously. It’s that good. I’m going to watch it a few more times myself, as a reminder that it’s good to be unpopular, to polarize, and to find your true audience and true customers.

So what’s stopping you from becoming more unpopular – and more successful?

Disclaimer: Erika did not send me a free copy of this book. And she didn’t ask me to write this article. I just think she is awesome and has ideas that can resonate with you.

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