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Creative Ways to Enhance Your E-mail Newsletter

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Stephen P Smith:

Last week I wrote about some Creative Ways to Use Foursquare and one of the tips was to add a Foursquare feature to your e-mail newsletter:

Introduce your customers to each other. Add a “Recent Foursquare Check-ins” feature to your e-mail newsletter (you do have a newsletter, don’t you?). On your “Manager Tools” page there is a list of Top and Most Recent Check-ins that you can copy-and-paste right into your newsletter – with links to those users’ profiles! (You will have to do a little editing…) Encourage your readers to connect with each other, and remember that you should be connecting with your customers as well.

newspaper graphicThere are many other ways that you can make your newsletter more interesting, more engaging, and more share-able. These are a few of my top tips:

  • Pictures – If you aren’t using images in your email newsletter you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to showcase your products. While not everyone has an email client configured to display images you can definitely achieve more impact upon those that do. Share pictures of your new products, of customers using your products, of your place of business. Pictures add to the story of your business and make it more real.
  • Employees – Do you have an employee appreciation program of some sort? Share it with your customers in the newsletter. Share their accomplishments, awards, certifications, community service – whatever it is that makes your employees so special.
  • Customers – You can showcase some of your customers just like you would your staff, by featuring their accomplishments, awards and civic involvement. If you see that one of your customers is in the news for a donation to a charity or some other positive community action be sure to share it, and ask your readers to let you know about any of their activities that they would like for you to share with your business’ audience.  This can be a very powerful engagement tool.

Can you think of any other creative ways to transform your newsletter into something that your subscribers will actually look forward to receiving? Share your ideas in the Comments.

Stephen P Smith

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About the author: Stephen Smith teaches Productivity and Social Media Literacy skills at In Context MultiMedia. He will be publishing a compilation of best practices based on his popular Weekly Letter in May 2012.

You can follow him on Twitter at @hdbbstephen.

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