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Connected You – How You Can Get Ahead in the Connected World

Recently I spoke at DeVry University and shared my suggestions on how IT professionals and other professionals can leverage social media to grow their knowledge and connect that knowledge to the people and ideas they need to take their career forward.

The speech is a little over 15 minutes in length, and the audience enjoyed it – and learned something from it as well. I think you will too.

A connected you – keynote address DeVry University – Phil Gerbyshak from Phil Gerbyshak on Vimeo.

Your turn: What was your biggest takeaway from this video? How will you use it in your career?

6 Responses to Connected You – How You Can Get Ahead in the Connected World

  • Phil, you were outstanding! Thanks for sharing your personal story and words of wisdom with our current and prospective students at DeVry University. You continue to be an amazing role model for IT professionals as well as anyone who wants to live a great life!
    You inspired us all to get connected! We truly appreciate being connected to You!

  • Brilliant, as usual.

    I remember replacing the 400 baud modem in my computer with the 14.4 k and how amazing it was!

  • Thanks, Phil, for the trip down memory lane, Well done.

    I still use AOL because so many people have the address. I don’t even know who anymore. I’m afraid to change it.

    But I also have Yahoo and Gmail.

    Great talk. Enjoyed it, Phil.

  • Love it Phil. Everyone needs to understand the value the social platform provide for personal brand building, searching/observing latest trends, and communication. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing such valuable information Phil. I love and enjoyed watching your video. I definitely agree that using social media can really help people gain much more insight on how they will take their careers forward. And with all the stuff going on in the internet, social media tools have made it a lot easier to catch up on the fast technological pace. Again, thanks for sharing Phil and keep on posting!

  • Great talk Phil – I enjoyed the retro references and the excellent points.

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