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Why You Should have a Presence on Google+

Many companies overlook the power of Google+, here’s why you should look again. This is a great reminder for all of us that in the SEO world, you have to go beyond keywords.



Get More of the Right Twitter Followers!

This infographic breaks down what you can do to get more of the followers that improve your brand and your return on investment; it does this by artfully showing how to use twitter effectively. This is great to analyze your twitter or to build a stellar account!



Video Marketing Works

Have you considered how video marketing could help your business succeed in reaching the target market? This infographic shows why investment in video marketing will drive people to your site and hold their attention. It also increases PR profitability. This information is not only good for sales industry but also for other sectors to help with educating their clientele.



Do you do B2B Social Media? [LinkedIn InfoGraphic]

Check out this infographic for some information that can help you increase your effectiveness on LinkedIn, and see why a little effort is well worth your time.

LinkedIn drives 64% of all visits generated by social media channels to corporate websites. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to grow your business, by allowing LinkedIn to help you drive customers to your website? You could try posting awesome information linking back to your website.

30% log in everyday! How often do they see your name?


Comment below and let me know what LinkedIn stat is your favorite! 



10 Things to Do In 10 Minutes (or less) On LinkedIn

You’re a busy financial advisor, and yet you know you need to do something, ANYTHING on LinkedIn today to move your business forward, to get a lead, earn a referral, or something to stay in front of your existing customer base and show them you’re paying attention.

time saving tipsYou’ve got just 10 minutes to use LinkedIn. What can you do?

At least 10 things!

10 Things to Do in 10 Minutes (or less) on LinkedIn

1) Update your status with the latest news from your company’s LinkedIn company page, or company website

2) Update your status with the latest news about your favorite hobby or pastime, preferably by asking a question.

3) Request new connections with 3 of the People You May Know that show up on your home screen.

4) Change the filter on your home page from All Updates to be Profile Updates and look for people who’ve recently been promoted, had a job change, or had a work anniversary, and block time on your calendar to personally congratulate them with a phone call or a hand written note in the next week.

5) Review the People Who’ve Viewed Your Profile and reach out now, or schedule time on your calendar to contact them by e-mail or phone if they’re first level connections.

6) Review the People Who’ve Viewed Your Profile and reach out to them, or at least schedule time on your calendar to connect with them on LinkedIn if they’re second level connections.

7) Go to your LinkedIn Inbox and accept any new LinkedIn invitations, and block time on your calendar in the next week to go through these people’s networks and look for potential referral opportunities.

8) Respond to any LinkedIn emails sent to you.

9) Review the suggested Groups You May Like on the LinkedIn homepage, and join any that look like they are filled with clients or prospects.

10) Review the Companies You May Want to Follow and click on any companies you want to work with to review their recent updates to look for news you can act on like new hires/layoffs, expansion news, and anything else that may be useful.

These are just 10 things you can do in 10 minutes (or less) on LinkedIn.

Which ones are YOUR favorite? Leave a comment below – or share this article on LinkedIn – and then take the next 9 minutes to do something else useful on LinkedIn to build your business!

Simple Facebook Marketing

You know that online marketing has become a fast growing phenomenon with businesses. Now, that type of marketing has spilled over into social media, and many are taking advantage. Perhaps the biggest winner of the trend is Facebook. Thanks to an ability to start with a low budget and reach users who are on the site daily, Facebook advertising has become very popular. And it works.

Whether you are working from some corner office desks in your home or in a large corner office of a major corporation, it’s important to know about Facebook advertising. Here are the main components, laid out in some detail, so you know what to keep in mind when advertising.


According to Facebook data, “posts between 100 and 250 characters get about 60% more likes, comments and shares (and) photo albums, pictures, and videos get 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement respectively.” It’s best to keep everything visually appealing and short and sweet. Facebook users won’t stay on one page for long so it is important to grab attention.

Audience Building

It doesn’t cost anything to invite all of the friends on your Facebook list to “like” the business’s page. For that reason, it is a great place to start when trying to build your audience. You should be able to ask some of the friends on your list share your page with their friends, which will increase the amount of people exposed to your page, and thus, will increase how many people actually “like” you business page.

You can also invite everyone on your e-mail contacts list to like the Facebook page. Even if they are not Facebook friends of yours, they are still able to participate. It’s important to get as many people as possible to like the page, so don’t feel ashamed of exhausting all resources. Don’t beg, and don’t invite over and over again, but do invite people you know might be interested in your page.


Facebook now allows for paid advertisements to show up on news feeds for users. You can narrow down the location, age and gender of the users you want to market yourself to. From there, you can create a budget and prepay for advertising your page.

Great news: You can reach every single Facebook user in the world. Hooray! 1.1 billion people can but that is going to cost more money than imaginable. If you want to narrow it down to just a couple thousand people, though, it should only cost around $10 per day. Once people start following your page, you will have to engage the audience on a nearly daily basis.

Promoted Posts

Let’s say, for example, that you make a new post on your Facebook page. If a follower were to “like” the post, that would be the end of it. However, with promoted posts, it will show up on the user’s newsfeed that he or she did like it. Pretty cool huh?

This is how you grow beyond an organic marketing reach. There will be reports showing what percentage of traffic is coming in organically, and how much is coming in through promoted posts and advertising.

Since Facebook offers so many tools, it is simple to use. It is also proving to be a very effective method of marketing, and should certainly be worth your company’s time.

Different Options

Facebook advertising presents two different advertising budget options. The first is a cost per click method, while the other is a cost per thousand impressions. It’s easy to get an enormous amount of impressions on Facebook, but getting clicks is hard. For this reason, many advertisers opt for the cost per thousand impressions method.

Pros and Cons

After having discovered some of the above facts, it’s important to make a decision based on budget. To summarize, here is a quick rundown of the Pros and Cons of Facebook advertising.


-Specific targeting

-Low costs for small market businesses

-Ease for others to spread word

-Organic word of mouth lowers cost


-Lowest cost plan doesn’t cover many people

-Many online users simply ignore promoted posts

-Can take time for ad to appear

-Facebook will suggest a higher amount no matter how much you budget

I Hate to Break The News: Effective Marketing is Hard. And Costs Money.

I am honored to present today’s guest post from Tom Snyder.  Tom Snyder, is founder, president and CEO of Trivera, a seventeen year old strategic marketing and communications firm that has embraced the web from the very beginning. Tom oversees the day to day operations of the firm, and lives in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife Marjie and their two dogs. When Tom isn’t busy making his clients look like marketing rock stars, he’s also a wine snob, music junkie, Ex-Milwaukee Radio Guy, HDTV expert, political wonk, hopeless romantic and author of “The Complete Idiot’s Mini Guide to Realtime Marketing with Foursquare,” from Penguin Books.

smdeadendBroadcast advertising: DEAD!  Print advertising: DEAD! Direct Marketing: DEAD! Trade Shows: DEAD! Web sites: DEAD! Email Marketing: DEAD!  Long Live Social Media!!!!!

A lot of folks have been regarding me as a go-to source for Social Media marketing for several years. My marketing firm, Trivera, produced Social Media University, the first major Social Media conference in Milwaukee in 2009 (we picked Phil Gerbyshak as one of our professors).

So what I’m about to say may surprise you.

If I see one more expert blog about the demise of any traditional marketing vehicle at the hands of the next new shiny Social Media object, I just may vomit.

News Flash: NONE of them are dead, or even going away any time soon. And as much as some would like to believe that Social Media is the low cost silver bullet that will allow you to ignore other marketing vehicles, those people are kidding themselves.

Old time Marketers who have been around for awhile (i.e. since before SXSW), will tell you: New platforms don’t make it easier or cheaper to market your business. They never have and they never will.

Decades ago, there were marketers who hoped that this new fangled TV thing would be their savior, and they’d no longer need to use radio to reach their audience. The smart ones (and even the not-so-smart ones) soon realized that they needed to figure out how to strategically use BOTH to reach different market segments.

More recently came the promise that the web was going to eliminate both print and broadcast media. While some forged that path, others stubbornly refused to even pursue web-based marketing. But again, the most successful marketers figured out how to use all of them together. It cost more, but generated an even greater return.

Then came the marketers who rejoiced that email marketing would deliver them from the “high” cost of print and direct mail.  The wise ones found that successful digital campaigns, if done properly, could actually be even more expensive than the printed predecessors. But ironically, while even more expensive, those campaigns could still be more effective…and produce a greater ROI…when combined with direct marketing efforts using personalized URLs.

And now, most recently, businesses who resisted the high investment required for a strategically and professionally architected, effectively-developed, search engine optimized, well marketed web presence are celebrating the coming of “free” Social Media. With messianic fervor, they proclaim “the website is dead” only to be disappointed  as they bounce from MySpace to Facebook to Twitter to Foursquare to Pinterest with Wac-a-Mole-like effort, only to become serial Social Media failures. Now Instagram Video and Vine are the new shiny objects that will help them achieve their elusive, unfulfilled dreams of amazing success with little investment.

“When this 6 second video I shot for free with my iPad goes viral, my brand will finally take off!”


Here’s the deal.  Effective marketing is hard. It requires expertise. Chances are you don’t have that expertise. So you’ll need to find help from someone who does.  And I don’t mean a friend’s son who “knows computers,” a Social Media “guru” whose only credentials are that they’ve been on Twitter since 2009 or even a 30 year old ad agency whose “digital division” is a WordPress theme hack.

An effective marketing campaign is one that will start first with an understanding of your brand (not your logo, but the promise of an experience). It’s only by knowing why your ideal customers love, trust and do business with you, that you can then know where, when, why and how to find more just like them. Once you’ve done that, then you need to understand what will generate awareness, interest, desire, and action for that group, and then be able to effectively (and measurably) execute the plan to make it happen, regardless of the media necessary to get it done. That may mean Social Media, but it might not. That may not mean radio or TV, but it might. It might require email, Direct Mail or both.  PR, content marketing, video, outdoor, and even the back cover of the phone book could each be the  ideal ways to reach them.  One thing for certain: it WILL require a web presence. Whether it’s a micro-site, an informational website, a fully functional eCommerce site, an intranet, the data source for a mobile app or all of the above, there will be a web component. Part of that web component will be the tools to measure the success of every marketing channel being used and monitoring what’s working (so you do more of that) and what isn’t (so you stop doing that).

Obviously a single individual will never have the knowledge and experience to do all of that. So what you really need is a team. A team with a combined knowledge of every one of those media, and how to use them all correctly, either independently or in concert with any of the others. A team that can measure your key performance indicators, and continually improve them.  It requires a team that understands your brand, and can use the right mix of tools to reinforce that brand and increase sales. A team that understands…and can deliver…meaningful Return on Investment. Find that team and let them help you succeed.

Competition for reaching a market share and turning it into meaningful conversions will never be easy. Neither will the choices of marketing and transactional tools. There are no short cuts.  It will require an investment. But the one thing that will never change is that strategic marketing done right will come back in spades.

And that is the only real silver bullet.

Social Media 2013 [Video from @equalman ]

Want to know some amazing stats about social media? Watch this video and be educated and amazed, in just 3 minutes and 51 seconds.

Can’t see the video to watch? Watch the social media 2013 video on YouTube.

My most amazing stat was that 69% of parents are “friends” with their children on social media. I would say ONLY, because I would encourage parents to watch everything their children do online, to prevent bullying and other inappropriate behaviors.

What about you?

What was YOUR most amazing stat or idea from this video?

Naked Truth of Social Media – an ebook for your business

I get asked by many of the business owners I work with “What’s the truth about social media? Does it really work? Do people really care what I had for breakfast? Does every business need to be on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest?”

And no matter how many times I tell people the truth, they still ask other people.

I’m no different. I know what works for my business – and I know what doesn’t.

And I know what works for the business owners I work with – and what doesn’t. Still – I found myself wondering what my peers, the ones who work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and even the ones who work with non-profits and  government, thought about social media.  That way, instead of it being Phil Gerbyshak’s Truth about Social Media (which has a nice ring to it), it’d be more useful (for me and my clients), to share more people’s truth about social media.

The Naked Truth of Social Media

I asked 9 people I greatly respect what they thought about social media. I asked for just a small piece, that I could share and that you could easily digest and understand – and ultimately use – for your business.

I am proud to announce that this ebook is now complete, and it’s available for you at absolutely no charge. I call it The Naked Truth of Social Media, and it’s a free download – for now. While I have no immediate plans to sell this, I’m going to stop giving it away on December 2nd (that’s my birthday).

So if you’ve been wondering “what is the truth about social media” is, visit The Naked Truth of Social Media. And you’ll get not just the ebook for free, but you’ll start getting bi-weekly articles and interviews with people who’ve used social media to grow their business, and full of insights into how you can grow your business.

Who are the other smart folks who contributed to this ebook?

  • Susan Baroncini-Moe
  • Chris Reimer
  • Erika Napoletano
  • Brian Clark
  • Keri Jaehnig
  • Jason Falls
  • Tom Martin
  • Ari Herzog, and
  • Robert M. Caruso

To which I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude! Thank you friends!

If you tried to spend time with each of these experts for even 15 minutes each, it would cost you over $500, probably closer to $1000. The ebook is free. The advice is priceless. Take a few minutes right now, download, then READ, The Naked Truth of Social Media. Pick just 1 thing to implement – and then do it in your  business. Come back and let us know what happens.

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