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#TwitterWorks - How to build business relationships using Twitter

#TwitterWorks – co-authored with Joe Sorge and Scott Baitinger

The story of how Twitter was leveraged to build a restaurant, a pizza truck – and 1000s of relationships  – and how your business can use it too!

10 Ways to Make It Great! - Improve your life and your business

10 Ways to Make It Great

Phil’s first book, full of 10, make that 11, ways to improve your life, and your business. Pick up a copy of 10 Ways to Make it Great and stop waiting for permission to succeed!

Service Desk Manager's Crash Course

Service Desk Manager’s Crash Course

If you’re a new manager, Service Desk Manager’s Crash Course is for you, with tips on hiring, firing, discipline, team building and more.

If you’re an experienced manager, you can use this as a refresher on all the things you know you need to be doing to make your team great! Also with a chapter on selecting the right ITSM tool and a brief overview of the ITIL disciplines.

Help Desk Manager's Crash Course

Help Desk Manager’s Crash Course (co-authored with Jeffrey M. Brooks)

The first in the the series, Help Desk Manager’s Crash Course will cut years off your learning curve as a new manager.

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Becoming A Networking Super Hero

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“Phil Gerbyshak is an inspired master speaker who can light a dark corner in any room on fire with his absolute love of humanity, and a deep wisdom about team building, leadership and communication. His style is witty and improvisational, and grounded by a tireless, authentic generosity.”

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