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Achieving Your Goals and More Dreampreneur Insights (part 2)

Traci Bogan - World TravelerThis is part 2 of my interview with Traci Bogan, the dreampreneur coach, world traveler, and small business owner. In this conclusion of the interview (catch up on part 1 here), Traci offers a fantastic way to achieve your goals, and she shares how she’s able to achieve so much more than normal people, with a common sense approach you can put to work in your business and your life.

Phil: If you were a superhero, which superhero would you be and why?

Traci: Underdog. I’m an underdog whose mission and passion is to empower and inspire other underdogs.

Phil: What is best advice you’ve ever been given, or the best advice you have, on how to be more successful?

Traci: Keep your eye on the vision and stay the course. Whatever you want, can be done, you just have to believe you can achieve it and surround yourself with people who support your vision. Then create momentum by taking consistent daily and relentless action toward what you want.

I’ve created a 7 Key formula to achieve your goals and dreams, faster and easier. It works – if you work it:

7 Proven Keys to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

The Decision Key: Identifying your goal or dream and having a burning desire for its achievement and knowing WHY you want it on the deepest level. What are you willing to change, spend, give up, learn, or do for it? Your reason why becomes your map, to get you there.

The Belief Key: Mastering your thinking. It is done unto you as you believe. You know with unshakable certainty that you will live your desire & you know it naturally without any effort in thinking about it. (Unconscious Competence)

The Vision Key: Feel it, write it, read it, repeat it, and visualize yourself living it as if it already exists. See your “end” point and feel good inside when thinking of it.

The Action Key: Working your strategic plan. Taking consistent daily action and being in continuous motion toward what you want. Affirm and reward your successes. Shift your focus from obstacles to results and from how to why.

The Personal Development Key: Feeding and strengthening your mind is your success X Factor. Personal Development is key and plays a bigger role in your success in life and in your business or organization, than any other factor.

The Accountability Key: Creating a community of support. Find a role-model or share your vision with like-minded people and commit to holding each other accountable. IE: Hand your “Accountability Partner” $100 & tell him if you are not at the gym in the morning to keep it! Putting your money where your mouth is separates the talkers from the doers and the dreamers from the “Dreampreneurs.”

The Perseverance Key: Staying the course and never giving up – your success in life is dependent upon your belief about it and how you respond and adapt to change and surrounding adversities.

“Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR.”

Phil: If given the chance, what would you do differently?

Traci: I would have become an entrepreneur or dreampreneur right out of the gate and began living my passion much earlier in life. I would have only asked, listened to, and followed the advice of people who already had the results I wanted. It would have saved me a lot of time, money, and discouragement.

Phil: Wow Traci, I am seriously amazed at all you do. How do you find the time to do so many things?

Traci: Discipline, Discipline, Discipline. I gave up TV almost 2 years ago and work on a timer for projects, social media updates, and emails etc. I have an accountability partner that I check-in with daily. We use a daily point system to track and tabulate the activities we complete each day to drive our Personal Development and our Business Development. The goal is to earn 100 points per day. The person with the lowest number of points at the end of the week has to pay a hefty cash penalty to the person with the most points.

Phil: I know you’re not a materialistic person, but I’m curious: What’s your most valuable or prized possession?

Traci: A 50 cent copper bracelet that a Tibetan woman gave me off of her wrist while visiting her home in Lhasa. She had dirt floors, cement walls, and shared a home with many others. We sipped Yak-Butter Tea and asked each other questions about our lives and how we live, through a translator. We weren’t able to directly communicate, but we shared a deep human connection. It was a beautiful experience. She didn’t have much, but she offered me all she had. I have yet to remove the bracelet she placed on my wrist, one year ago this this month. It means the world to me.

Phil: How do you live your life to the fullest?

Traci: I have a jar on my desk that contains 39 marbles. If I’m lucky enough to live to the ripe old age of 80, that means that I have 39 more Birthdays, 39 more Christmases, 39 more chances to empower lives and leave a mark in this world that will outlive me. Each year on my Birthday, I pluck a marble from my jar and drop it into the trash can. That year is gone. It’s a powerful reminder that tomorrow is not promised to me and that I am not guaranteed those 39 remaining marbles. After I throw the marble away, I reach my hand into my “Dreams Can” and randomly draw one out of the hundreds of things that I want to be, see, do, have, experience, and share before I die and I schedule it and find a way to afford it that year.

Last year I went to Tibet, this year I’m learning to golf, who knows, maybe next year I’ll draw out the card that says “Live in Europe for a year and learn French” or “Get your helicopter pilots license.”

Phil: Traci, you’ve seen some fantastic success in your life. To what do you attribute this success?

Traci: Simple.

1. My obsession with Personal Development courses, books, and audios.

2. Reading my “I AM” Statements everyday. IE: I am attracting the right people into my personal life and business. I am so happy now that Hayhouse is carrying my BRAND. I love sharing the stage with my mentor Dr. Wayne Dyer. I am a world renowned Dreampreneur, author, and big money speaker with high impact, influence, & income.

3. Surrounding myself with friends who challenge me to stretch further and reach higher than what I believe is possible.

4. Focusing on WHY instead of HOW and on RESULTS instead of obstacles.

Phil: Amazing Traci. Dare I ask you, what is next from here?

Traci: To travel the world and transform a million “dreamers” into Dreampreneurs, using my 7 key formula to achieve your goals and dreams.

Dreampreneur [dreem pruh-noor] noun, one who has an unrelenting will to achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams, and live with purpose – despite all fears, obstacles, and opposition.

Phil: Inspiring! So – where can we find out more about Traci Bogan and what can we expect to find there?

Traci: Visit me at My site showcases my adventure around the world, with maps, stories, and pictures. It also features my “Bucket List” along with a challenge to create your own. You can also purchase my book the Backpack Diaries there, keep up to date with my travels, or become a sponsor of my trips.

If you’re more of a Facebook person, you can keep up with me and engage with other Dreampreneurs at

Some final thoughts from Traci Bogan:

It was never about "Going Around The World" to just see it, for me. It was about climbing deep into the heart and the center of it and of myself and touching the very essence of who we all are, what we are all made, and where we all come from and taking those adorned pieces home with me and sharing…growing…prospering as a result of them. Everything else was a bonus. I came home with knowing that those people who have touched my life in the 3rd world have taught me more than I could ever hope to teach them and I returned home a much better person because of them. I no longer live my life as if it were the "first day of the rest of my life" I now live it as if it were my last day – as tomorrow is promised to no one.

Phil: Thank you Traci. You never cease to amaze and inspire me to keep going, and I am so glad to call you a friend.

Dreampreneur Challenge from Phil:

Traci bared her soul, and gave you a plan for achieving more than you were yesterday. I challenge you to do 1 of the next 2 things, and leave a comment stating what you are committing to do. Your business (and probably your life) will thank you for it.

1 – Go to and like Traci’s page, and follow along on Traci’s journey for the next 30 days. Over the next 30 days, find at least 1 thing that resonates with you, and share it with your Facebook friends.

2 – If you’re not into Facebook, or you want to go deeper with Traci’s work, pick up a copy of The Backpack Diaries, Traci’s fantastic book, and read a few pages every day.

Leave a comment with your commitment below.

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  • Thanks for sharing this powerful & inspiring interview Phil! This is the exact kick in the pants that I needed today! 100%AWESOME stuff!!!!!!

  • This is an incredibly inspiring post! Moving me into action today! Thanks for sharing this interview! Traci Bogan is a true inspiration! :)

  • Thanks for posting this! This is wonderful wisdom! I feel inspired to do something that I have been dreaming about for years. This is the challenge & kick in the butt that I needed. Funny how the right thing falls into your lap at just the right time. Thanks again for this great article!

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