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5 Ways to Overcome Adversity

Life doesn’t always give me lemonade. I get plenty of lemons, vinegar, and other sour things that make me squish my face up in disgust. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed by what’s around me, I remind myself “It doesn’t matter what life throws my way; what matters is how I respond to what comes my way.”


I thought about it a bit, and I came up with 5 simple ways to overcome and respond to the adversity that’s bound to come your way.

Reframe the situation – If the situation is troubling you or has you down, quickly reframe it. Look for the learning. Look for the opportunity. Let go of the adversity.

Stop what you’re doing – Once you realize you’re in a tough spot, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW. This stops things from getting worse, and to keep you from staying stuck in a bad situation.

Ask for help – No doubt you’ve got a lot of really smart people in your life. Ask them for what they’ve done in similar situations. It’s always helpful and gives you an opportunity to learn new ways of dealing with adversity, even if you don’t use one of the recommended courses of action.

Seek out experts in the blogosphere – With over 50 million blogs, there are millions of smart people you don’t know who may have experienced the same adversity you’re going through. Do a quick blog search or send a quick tweet with your question, and in nanoseconds, you’ll have hundreds of answers that worked, or didn’t work, for others.

Refocus on the main thing – Remember why you’re on this earth, and what you’re meant to do, can help you answer the all important question, “What can you do?” instead of focusing on what you can’t do.

What are your best suggestions for responding to adversity?

6 Responses to 5 Ways to Overcome Adversity

  • Love this! These are so true and work consistently. They may not work immediately, but they do work.

    I’m not a huge blogger or tweeter, but I use all of the other suggestions ALL the time. They work – and make life alot better in the process.

  • I like first one a lot, it is how we respond to the situation determines our attitude.


    It is a huge part. I notice when I got committed to something overcoming things is easy. I am not saying that there is no problems and downs and of that but it takes totally different form.

  • #1 – Copy this list from Phil and post to front of frig.

    Your suggestions are wonderful ones. Almost like a recipe to overcome adversity. Most folks would never consider baking without a recipe handy, that’s why – copy the list.

    Earlier this year I started seeing an arthritis specialist. Both my knees and an ankle have been hit very hard. The pain was so intense I could not walk up the steps but only one at a time. One day sitting at my computer and having a private pity party … I heard …”Shut up – At least you can walk”. I thanked my tiny voice for helping me… ‘reframe the situation’.

    Adversity creates mental AND physical stress. There is this little thing I do called… Go to Level. Since it’s too long to explain, I’m going to
    drop a link to a post I made about it.

    Thanks Phil for your shared wisdom.!

    xo xo

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