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5 Last Minute Gifts For Your Gadget Geek

Time is running out. You have 24 hours or so before it’s Christmas Day, when you’ve GOT to get your favorite gadget geek something or run the risk of them leaving your business or your life. OK, so hopefully nobody is that shallow that if you don’t get them a gift they’ll leave you, but you never know.

But what to get him (or her) when you have just 24 hours?

Here are 5 Last Minute Gifts For Your Gadget Geek

live scribe pen

LiveScribe Smart Pen

Perfect for the person who forgets everything they hear, the LiveScribe Smart Pen records everything it hears, and everything you write, and helps you take better notes. Best part? You can probably get this at Target, Wal-Mart or Best Buy, and it  starts at just $99.95. Link goes to the manufacturer’s site so you can look at the videos and specs yourself.

A cover (skin) for their phone or MP3 player

Everyone likes making their phone look a little cooler. Pick up a new skin for your gadget geek in their favorite color or bling it out with something wild. Most malls have little kiosks that sell a skin for the latest phones, so pick up a few skins and give them a gift receipt so they can pick the one they like best. Typically about $25 or less, though if you get the indestructible Otter Box that I love, it may cost you as much as $50. Totally worth it for the protection from accidental dropping damage.

New headphones for their phone or MP3 player

Sure most people have headphones. But the ones that come with the device are typically low quality. Pick up a new set in a favorite color ($20) or go all out and get a set of Beats by Dr. Dre for $200. Your call on how happy you want to make your geek.

Screen protectors for their phone or tablet

If your geek is anything like me, she may sometimes use the device before washing their hands. Without a screen protector, this can scratch the glass which makes the screen less and less crisp. For just $15 or so, you can protect her from herself with a nice screen protector. Bonus points if you also include a note that you’ll put it on for the geek. I struggle with this EVERY TIME I get a new screen protector.

Gift card to their favorite online retailer and a card

If you know your gadget geek has been craving a new game or more apps, a gift card to an online retailer is perfectly fine. Just put it in a nice card with a warm note, and you’ll be golden! I love Amazon and iTunes gift cards very much, thank you.

Need more ideas? Business on Main has 4 more great gadgets you can get, but you’ll probably have to wait until AFTER the holidays to ship them

What about you? What are you getting for your gadget geek this year? Leave a note in the comments.

It’s ok, I won’t tell Smile 

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